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Pure fun, sport and recreation await you!
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An exciting combination of sport, action and relaxation awaits you!
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We love delicious, healthy food with plenty of fresh regional ingredients.
How It all began

It was love at first sight: on a trip to Portugal, it suddenly became clear to Elke and her husband that they’d found the place where they wanted to live. Unspoilt, free and unrushed. The open-minded, warm-hearted way of life of the Portuguese, the relaxed, simple lifestyle and the marvellous natural surroundings – all this had immediately cast its spell over them both. They had long cherished a dream of a self-sufficient life in the midst of nature. Until the beginning of the 90s, Elke and her husband lived in Germany. In 1994, they pack their bags and set off with their children and a camper to Portugal, leaving their old life behind them.

25 years later, at the beginning of 2019, their daughter Samira founded the Sunny Soul Sport Retreat together with her mother Elke. The idea for it came to Samira while studying Sport in Cologne. From an early age, it was already clear that sport was her absolute passion. That was the starting point for her vision of creating a place for kindred spirits that combined both: a passion for sport, action and adventure and a great love of Portugal. Sunny Soul was born.

The Team - we are sunny soul


Samira (26), the founder of Sunny Soul, was born in Germany but has lived in Portugal since she was a few months old. At 19, she returned to Germany to study Sport Sciences at the German Sport University in Cologne. After four years and with a degree under her belt, she moved back to her chosen homeland  Portugal, where she additionally completed a six-month training as a personal trainer. Samira is an athlete with heart and soul. Action, adrenaline and adventure are her driving inspirations. She’s just the right conversation partner and is always gladly there for you in anything to do with sports. She herself is into cycling, tennis and running, regularly takes part in triathlons and also goes surfing. From a young age, her dream was to share her passion for sports with other people. Sunny Soul is her cherished project, and she gives everything to it each day – all her energy and whole soul. Samira grew up bilingual and speaks both German and Portuguese as first languages, but she is also fluent in English and speaks some French. She’s familiar with both the Portuguese and the German culture and their unique aspects, and is therefore the perfect contact person for you, both before and during your trip. 



Elke (55) is Samira’s mother and business partner. Elke is a mother of three children, who are meanwhile all grown-up and whom she brought up while building a new life in Portugal. Before emigrating there with her husband and children, she studied Social Education in Germany and completed a training as a seamstress. Elke is a naturally cheerful person: creative, warm-hearted and the good spirit of Sunny Soul. Her guests and their wellbeing are particularly close to her heart and always has a sympathetic ear for everyone. She loves furnishing, beautifying and decorating the house with loving attention to detail. In this way, she’s turned the Retreat into an oasis of relaxation where you’ll feel completely at home.